About Power Woosh

We Power Woosh are the proud franchise owner of SalesPartners Worldwide and we represent SalesPartners Malaysia as a Regional Developer.

Power Woosh is now an affiliate to Sales Partners Worldwide, a company that specializes in providing sales training and developing business systems and processes that lead to accelerated growth. SalesPartners Worldwide was founded by Blair Siniger, who is a successful entrepreneur, an accomplished international speaker and trainer, and best-selling author. He is the advisor to Robert Kiosaki, a world renowned guru in property investment and best-selling author of Rich Dad and Poor Dad.

In the past 29 years, thousands of organizations including IBM, Singapore Airlines, HSBC, JP Morgan, Prudential Insurance, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, World Financial Group and countless others have experienced extraordinary levels of growth of 15-85% in a matter of weeks using Blair Singer time-tested business strategies. SalesPartners Malaysia has also achieved similar successes in helping companies Malaysia to increase sales, improve profitability and build championship teams. We specialize in sales and leadership skills, motivational skills, stress management programs, NLP and so many more. Among the companies we served includes, EON Bank, Affin Bank, Genting, Hong Leong Assurance and also the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

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