The Power of Change

Program Overview

In today’s highly competitive business world, many people feel overwhelmed by the demands of their work and personal life, and they may feel lost and lack the desire to succeed. It isn’t that our goals are not achievable; it’s that we lack self-motivation to achieve our goals. People prefer to remain at their comfort zone and resist to change. What can an individual do to overcome lack of motivation and reignite the passion in life? In this action-packed seminar you will embark on a journey of self discovery, understand the secrets of mind & body relations, examine your life & career in a deeper way, and learn how to create change to inject new energy and passion in what you do!


Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:
  • Adopt the right attitude and mindset towards your job
  • Exhibit high level of confidence to take action for success
  • Identify the characteristics of different personalities
  • Enhance your communication & interpersonal skills
  • Unleash the power of your unconscious mind
  • Set goals and make them become compelling & stay motivated
  • Boost your energy and feel passionate about what you are doing
  • Learn the secret of winning in life!  
  • Get rid of negative beliefs and remove your mental blocks
The Foundation of Change
· Understand How the Brain Works
· Thurman Fleet Model
· 5 Major Principles of Success
· Change your Focus and Perception 
Build Success Habits & Attitude
· The Cycle of Thinking – Emotions – Behaviors – Results  
· Choose the right mindset & attitude to form healthy habits
· What is the TRUE Meaning of your Work?
· Take full responsibility and be the CAUSE in life
Managing Your Career
· Identify Career Anchors 
· The Doom Loop Model
Set the Goals You Want to Achieve
· Dare to Dream!
· SMART Principles & Well Formed Conditions
NLP Communication Model
· Golden Rule vs. Platinum Rule
· Primary Representation System (VAK)
· Eye Pattern Strategy
· Instant Rapport Building
Discover your Inner Strength
· Understand your Personalities Using MBTI
· The Art of Asking Power Questions to Yourself
· Sharpening your EQ Edge
Reprogram Your Mental Software
· The Power of Visualizations
· Building a Strength-based Belief System
Remove the Hindrance to Your Success
· Identify and remove the mental blocks
·7-Step Strategy of Mastering Fear!


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