Code of Honor

2-Day Training

Program Overview

Great Teams = Exceptional Growth.

If a group does not function as a cohesive unit, particularly in changing economic times, the organization will have no edge, little competitive advantage and inability to exceed expectations of the market.  Unfortunately, the truth is that although there are tons of great and talented people in the workplace, very few operate at over half of their full potential.
Businesses that know how to build a championship team keep people motivated, accountable and energized, will Win. Accountability is Key to this plan.
In this powerful 2-day program, we drill deep into the Code Of Honor and team training to set the platform and context for accountability at all levels of the organization.  The key is to focus on keeping each person accountable for the behaviors and activities that will ultimately drive the organisation to the next level. Code Of Honor will set the stage and empower teams to become much more powerful, mission driven and inspirational!

Objectives and Benefits
  • How to assemble, nurture and develop an ordinary group of people into a true championship team!
  • How to pull any team together under pressure and make them top performers
  • Eliminate whining, complaining, finger pointing and gossip
  • Create bonded long-term relationships based on trust, respect and commitment
  • How to maintain energy of the group no matter what the subject is and the time of day
  • Develop the “can do / will do” attitude in a team and see them soar!
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship within your group
  • How to demand and get the most out of any person, group or team
  • How to turn up the heat and get transformational results 
  • To boost up the morale, promote productivity and self-initiative that lead to better performance and results
  • Build a championship team for championship results
  • Strengthen the capacity to lead in changing times
  • Increase task ownership and responsibility
  • Improve effectiveness, leadership and skill in building a championship sales team



The Backbone of a Championship Team
• Why teams go into chaos
• Importance of presence and attention of communication
• Gratitude exercise
• Handling problems
• Generating energy and team bonding using the power of Acknowledgement

Designing a Context that holds teams together
• Mission and vision
• The fundamental importance of Responsibility
• The technique of tightening Space to Increase Performance

The Code of Honor
• Understanding the importance of a Code of Honor
• Creating a Code of Honor for each person, each team and each branch
• Process of implementing the Code of Honor effectively

Simulation of Corporate problems through Game and roleplay
• Games are a reflection of behavior
• Roulette wheel of Leadership
• Increasing trust and communication
• The courage to confront the invisible
• How to Debrief your team for positive outcomes everytime

• How to increase Accountability in a team
• The effect of Stamp Collecting on an organization
• How to “Call It” when a rule is broken
• Transforming ordinary people into Champions
• The Art of creating a Championship team that Wins

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