Champion Goal Setting

1 Day Training 

Program Overview

A study on Harvard MBA students showed that setting goals actually help people achieve 10 times more income than peers who don't. Unfortunately only an estimated 3% of the population takes the time to actually set goals.
According to Blair Singer, “Success is Goal –Setting, and all the rest is conversation."
Part of the problem why people don't achieve their goals is because they set the wrong goals. Blair Singer and Mack Newton's Champion Goal-Setting process will remove self-sabotaging, “don’t deserve”, “can’t do it”, “not motivated” and fearful thoughts and help you replace them with the “RIGHT”Goal to drive results into all areas of life in record time.
This is a process that has:
  • Created multi-millionaires
  • Helped people lose excess weight and replace it with Energy and Fitness
  • Won Gold medals and major Championships 

Objectives and Benefits
Why does success require goal-setting, and all the rest is conversation?
Having absolute clarity on the process of getting good results, making money, getting fit and getting what you want
12 Steps of champion goal setting that separate champions from average achievers
High focus and clarity such that achieving goals becomes an absolute reality
Increased energy, confidence and drive
Experience incredible performance and results
Eliminate fear and pressure that hold you back
Achieve goals that once seemed impossible
Achieve goals in Record Time



  1. “I learn what goal setting is and I am clearer with my goals now. I will have a 60 million agency in 5 years, buildup 20 leaders or 150 MDRTs!” Dicky Han, Agency Manager, Hong Leong Assurance

  2. “Thanks you for having this great course! It has served as an awakening for me and now I know I have the tool to create goals that will help me to achieve my dreams. I will remember and put what I learn into practice. Thank you again, and see you soon when I become a millionaire!” Jimmy Wong, Business Consultant

  3. “Thanks for this great seminar! It provokes my hidden side of me to continue to be more successful. Thanks to the great speaker. This seminar helps to change my life. It is very supportive and motivated. I am happy to spend this weekend more productively.” Agnes Cher, College Student

  4.  “I feel more confident with myself. I am clear with what I am chasing for. It makes me understand myself better. I learnt how to step forward to my target no matter what the problems might be. I will keep the momentum until the last second.” Chong Siew Tong, Sales Manager

  5. “Champion Goal Setting is awesome! I gained clarity and learnt proven strategies to bring me from where I am now to where I want to be!” Darren Saw, Vice President, Golden Palm Tree Resort



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