Psychology of Selling

2-Day Training (9am-530pm)

Who Should Attend?

Sales Representatives, Marketing and Sales Managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Customer Service Personnel, Insurance / Property Agents, or anyone who is involved in direct or indirect selling.


Program Overview

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how our mind and language affect our behavior. NLP is a very pragmatic “how to” technology that teaches us how to use our brain, language and physiology systematically to produce the desired results. In short, NLP is the study of what work in thinking, language and behavior. NLP can be utilized in many different areas such as communication, sales, marketing, negotiation, influence, leadership, motivation, self-improvement, and etc.  NLP is the difference that makes the difference.


Why do you need this training?

Essentially selling is about building rewarding relationships. It requires sensitivity, honesty and a win-win mindset to sustain a healthy long-term relationship. It also required a good understanding of how people process information and how to tailor-make your idea, products or services to fit their understanding. NLP also helps you to discover how your beliefs can help or limit you to create breakthrough results in sales. Through NLP, you will be able to overcome the mental blocks that have been preventing you to achieve your full potentials as a salesperson or manager!


About this training

The Psychology of Selling is designed based on the principles of NLP.  In this 2-day training, we will present with you the cutting-edge information that is simple to understand and easy to apply to produce the desired results for your organization.  The skills that you learn will help you to improve your personal performance and achieve sales breakthrough. 


Training Methodology

This trainining offers innovative and effective teaching methods utilizing a powerful mixture of demonstrations and experiential learning.  It is based on active participation and focus on transferring of skills to the participants.  Your participants will learn a set of new skills that can be immediately applied for improved performance.  This training will be conducted in a “Playshop” format (rather than the traditional “workshop” format) where you will have lots of fun in learning with our games and exercises.  

All the exercises are designed to enhance your learning and understanding of the applications. These activities encourage the participants to challenge themselves to create new results. Meantime, we use BrainSynch Technology to design this training to allow your left and right brain to learn more effectively at the same time.  This will help you to recall the applications of the material you learn easily and effortlessly without consciously thinking about it. This is a unique, action-packed high-energy seminar!      


Workshop Outline

Day One

Set your goals and make them become so compelling

This is extremely important because the right techniques of goal setting determine whether you will achieve your sales targets. This method is proven and by far the most effective way of getting what you want. The participants will have to answer the 9 critical questions to help them to clarify their goals. This goal setting methodology is also useful for sales managers to make sure that everyone has shared goals and is moving in the same direction.

Increase your sensory awareness of non-verbal cues

This topic will be discussed thoroughly as it is the key element to understand how your prospects think and what makes them take action. You will learn how to read the non-verbal cues to detect the buying signals and elicit the buying strategies of your prospects.   By increasing your sensory awareness, you will understand the intention behind your prospects behaviors and their thought preferences. You will also learn how to interpret body language and use it to your full advantage!  

Master the Keys to Effective Communication

Everyone has a preferred way of communicating with others. In NLP, this is known as the 3 Primary Representational System: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. The ability to recognize the different characteristic of these people will enhance your understanding towards them and to gain their respect and trust. The golden rule states that “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” But in the 21st Century, the rules of the game have changed to “Treat others the way they want to be treated.” By mastering the VAK communication system, you will be able to speak your client’s language and sell your products or services in a way that they want to buy.

Read thinking process of others through observing their eye patterns

Have you ever noticed that when people talk, their eyes move?  In this exercise, you will learn the eye movement patterns of an individual and know how your customers access their thoughts. This will lead to a better understanding of your prospects and gain significant insights into their thinking process at a particular moment in time. Using the right eye-moving strategy will also improve your memory and effectiveness at work

Build Rapport elegantly and gain trust instantly

Your ability to build and develop rapport in a selling situation is more important today than ever. During this session, you will learn a detail step-by-step actual know-how to build, develop, and maintain rapport in order to create trust and develop co-operation with your customers. You will learn the power of matching & mirroring the body language to create rapport with your customers. You will also learn how to match the tone of voice, volume and rate of speech to build a meaningful relationship with your customers. But at times when you don’t agree with your customers, you will know how to apply NLP rapport skills to temporarily break the rapport & elegantly disagree with them without offending them! 


Day Two

Find out your client’s motivation patterns to influence his decision

Since everyone is an unique individual, each of us have a different strategy of getting ourselves motivated to take action. By understanding the motivation patterns of your customers, you can customize your sales presentation accordingly to fit into their mental thinking patterns to increase your closing ration significantly. As a sales manager, you apply the different motivational strategies to motivate your sales force and get them to stay motivated to work towards achieving the sales targets. You will also learn how to empower your people to be responsible for their actions, to be independent, and to put in the extra effort to strife for excellence in their performance.

Utilize NLP Influential Linguistic Patterns to handle objections

This is a proven method of reaching agreement faster in any sales negotiation. You will learn how to take charge in a business negotiation by setting an agreement frame and say the right things at the right time to attain customer’s agreement and consent. You will develop the skills of speaking in an ambiguous but influential way to influence your customer into taking action and deter customer’s objection in advance!

Ask powerful questions to uncover hidden buying motives

Human being is the expert in making generalizations, distortions, and deletions during a conversation. When this happens, lots of useful information may be lost. Likewise, when your prospects start to make generalizations, distortions, and deletions, they are in an unresourceful state of mind that will affect their thoughts, feelings and subsequently lead them not to buy. You will learn how to detect those language patterns in your customers and turn around the situation by asking powerful questions to pull the person out from the lousy state into a pleasant state of mind towards you and your products.  

Improve your emotional state control

It is all too easy to feel as the “victim” of events outside of our control.  In this exercise, you will learn how to take control of your thought process, feelings, and emotions so that you have a better control on your emotional states. This is an important trait of a successful sales personnel; to be in total control of and stay in a calm and resourceful state in any given situations. You would find that your ability to deal with different types of challenging or difficult customers improve tremendously after the training!

Breakthrough the limiting belief & transform fear into power

Based on the model of peak performance coaching, you will be empowered to install appropriate mental strategies and create powerful triggers to achieve peak performance. You will learn proven techniques to remove your mental blocks and limiting beliefs, and start to create compelling outcomes and achieve them with less conscious effort. We will share with you the powerful 7-step strategy of mastering fear into power!

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