Champion Communicator

3-Day Training

Program Overview

Great Leaders Lead, Teach and Inspire others to Win.

The #1 skill for today’s leader is the ability to coach his team to achieve an aligned goal. The ability to teach and duplicate superior performance in others is the ultimate depth builder in any organization.

This program consists of a series of processes, systems and techniques that will turn a person into a powerful leader and communicator, even if one had never considered coaching or teaching to be part of their personal skill set. It will give you the ability to communicate with impact and empower others with knowledge, confidence and skill. 

This powerful and intense training taps into the depths of one of the most fundamental and important skills that any leader or manager must have Great Leaders  are great communicators, and transformation of personal life, the workplace and the community begins with improving the quality of communication to create win-win situations for all.

Objectives and Benefits
  • Establish Instant Trust and Rapport with anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Create Powerful First Impressions
  • Using effective communication skills to solve problems
  • Gathering relevant information for effective decision making
  • Use concrete language to create certainty and focus
  • Providing excellent customer service by using world-class communication skills
  • Develop Powerful Presentations for Any Product/Service
  • Be Able to Present Confidently on Stage
  • Enhance interpersonal communication skills and exert their influencing power
  • Apply authentic leadership style that transform people, teams and organizations
  • Communicate with impact , build trust and strengthen the bonds within the team
  • Become an influential Leader through powerful story telling
  • Master the art of using relationship skill to engage anyone 

Introduction to Champion Communications
• The Principles of communication
• The Importance of Communication
• The Results of Bad Communication = Confusion, High Turnover, Low Workplace Morale
• The Results of Good Communication = Clarity, High Profits, Lower Costs, High Morale

Effective Communication Strategies
• VAK = Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic
• Mirroring, Pacing & Magic Word
• How to Build Rapport
• The Platinum Rule
• Identify different communication styles to connect with Team and Clients

Dynamic Team Communications
• The Most Powerful Workplace Model: The 4 Human Personalities Model
• The 4 Quadrant Exercise
• Gaining cooperation through Yes Set questions
• Intention and In-10-tion
• Paint A Picture
• Touching People’s Hearts
• Communication Mindset of a Leader

Negotiation for Success
• 15 Powerful Negotiation techniques to create Win-Win scenarios every time
• The Art of Selling Problems First
• Eye Contact Zones for Communicating with Impact

Presentation IMPACT
• Crafting a personal “YOU-nique” Selling Proposition
• Elevator Pitch
• Earn The Right
• Keys of a Powerful Presentation
• How to Create A Powerful Story (The Dip Method)
• Creating Your Story Exercise
• Powerful Presentations Group Exercise 







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  1.  “Effective! Keeps people attentive throughout the training! The training taught us to build trust with others, improve our self-image, and strengthen our teamwork.” Dato Sri Ng Yen Yen, Minister of Tourism
  2. “I learnt the essentials and systematic approval to be a champion communicator. I feel delighted at the opportunity to improve my skills, knowledge and attitude to communicate effectively. I can now apply the knowledge gained in my daily life, work and in any situation.” Dato Ong, Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism
  3. “This is the greatest course that I ever attended throughout my 18 years of duty with Tourism Malaysia. With all the tips and methods taught, I'm sure I can be a great communicator to promote Malaysia to the world.” SYED MUHADZIR JAMAL, Deputy Director of Tourism Malaysia
  4. “The program has allowed the participants to learn the technique and skill of interpersonal and mass communication. Trainers are duly skilled and knowledgeable painted with their thoughts and ideas in a fun and professional manner.” MIRZA MOHAMMAD TALYAB BIH, Director General Tourism Malaysia



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