Little Voice Mentoring Program

6-Week Training
Program Overview
Most people are capable of much more than they think, and in fact, they can accomplish any goal much easier than what they think they can. Why take 6 months when something can be done in 6 weeks? According to Blair Singer, Public Enemy #1 that’s stopping people from what they want and where they are, is the Little Voice between the ears.
The Little Voice Mentoring Program is a very direct and highly advanced technology designed to systematically:
  • Move the limiting “Little Voice” out of the way,
  • Dissolve the self-sabotage that stops growth and
  • Automatically raise levels of Accountability and Leadership
  • Drive incredible levels of Commitment, Passion and Energy toward Accomplishment.
This program is specially targetted at Leaders that specifically want to overcome their inner barriers that stand in their way of their success. This program is perfect for the highly success-driven Leader who wants to achieve his annual goals in half a year or less!
Objectives and Benefits
  • Generate a high level of accountability and powerful application of tools learnt
  • Dissolve the self-sabotage that stops growth
  • Transform yourself into a dynamo of real authentic energy embodying Leadership
  • Drive incredible levels of commitment, passion and energy
  • To bring out innate potential by opening up the mind and raising awareness
  • Remove old personal barriers and uncover and develop previously hidden strengths
  • Find out what is blocking the people from achieving the success that they want, and removing those blockages
  • Become unstoppable in reaching personal goals and targets
  • Get clarity, focus and Championship performance
  • Accomplish more in 6 weeks than in the previous 6 months!


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