The Art of Influence and Persuasion

Program Overview 

Your ability to communicate, connect and lead others defines your leadership qualities. Whether you are chief executives, managers, or supervisors, you need to have excellent influencing skills to lead your team, sell your ideas, and convey your message effectively. The ability to influence yourself and others is essential to your success.

Excellent communicators and managers use their influence to achieve desired outcomes. Becoming an influential person is about influencing others in an intentional and purposeful manner rather than accidental, random and hit-and-miss fashion. Anyone can be influential, not just people in positions of power or responsibility.

This 2-day training reveals the hidden techniques that top leaders use unconsciously to influence others to get what they want! You will also discover the techniques on how to conversationally influence the people around you on a deeper and subtle way. You will master these simple but profound tools of influence & persuasion to enhance your chances to win in every negotiation and exert your influence power to the highest levels!


Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the inner psychology of how people process information
  • Apply advance language patterns to influence others
  • Build instant rapport with people to win their trust and earn their respect
  • Master the techniques of persuasive communication
  • Present your ideas like a “pro” and get people to “yes’ to you


Key to Communication
The quality of your communication is the quality of your life. Hence, it’s important for you to understand the inner psychology of how people process information and create a reality through the 5 senses. 
· How the mind process information
· Thinking – Feeling – Action – Behaviors – Results
Ericksonian hypnotic language patterns
Based on the work of Dr. Milton Erickson, known as the modern father of hypnotherapy, you will learn how to speak like a “politician” to gain agreement and get your listeners overwhelm with the undeniable truths and accept your ideas voluntarily. 
· Embedded Command
· Hierarchy of Ideas
Persuasive Language Patterns
Certain words have a special meaning, which deeply rooted in our brain and when triggered it can have a powerful impact to influence us in our behavior and decision-making. You can use this technique to convince your bosses or counterparts to get their buy-in to your ideas.
· 12 Most Influential Words
· Agreement Frames
The Law of Influence & Persuasion
Persuasion works by appealing predictably to deeply rooted human needs. The rest of us can learn to secure consensus, cut deals, win concessions – by artfully applying six scientific principles of winning friends and influencing people.
· The Secrets of Influence
· Irresistible to say “Yes”
Non-Verbal Influencing Techniques
Non-verbal or body language accounts for 55% of our total communication, therefore, your ability to read and use the body language to your advantage can greatly enhance your chances to win in every situations.  
· Eye-pattern Strategy
· The Power of Matching & Mirroring
· Use Unconscious Body Language to influence
Influencing through different Personalities
This module focuses on how to present your ideas, gain buy-in, and communicate precisely to people with different personalities. This would increase the level of your confidence in you to connect with everyone and anyone you meet! 
· Identify the 4 main types of personalities
· Learn how to communicate and connect with ease
· Say the things that appear most compelling to each type of personality

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