Income Explosion

2 Day Training


Program Overview

The act of selling is a confronting action – primarily one where we confront ourselves, our own limitations, our fears. When most people think about selling or stepping into a selling situation, they experience emotional responses immediately. Their “Little Voice” slips into overdrive and they shift into an emotional state that strips them of many of their reasoning resources.
In this intense 2-day course, participants will learn a sure-fire process to identify their true wants and a powerful goal-setting process that helps them get their sales goals. They will learn how an entrepreneur thinks and how to make millions using leverage in a team. The number one skill every business leader, every manager, every person needs is the ability to sell. What would happen to your revenue if your team became masters of sales, communication and negotiations?
By the end of the training, participants will walk away knowing how to drive commitment, performance and results; handle any objection, turn No into a Yes, and reprogram that “Little Voice” in the head that differentiates mediocre and Championship results. Each participant will walk away with their own personalized 90-day Sales Explosion Plan for instant focus and implementation.
Objectives and Benefits
  • How to Drive Championship Sales Results
  • Learn the #1 Rule of Entrepreneurship and how to apply in the workplace
  • Deploy effective and creative strategies in managing various aspects of the business
  • Generate income anytime, anyplace, anywhere in any economy
  • Improve abilities and desire for sales achievements
  • Isolate, identify and master the “Little Voice” issues that stand in the way
  • Be able to raise team performance and build a championship team
  • Be able to handle objections effortlessly and maintain great rapport with clients
  • Gain instant trust and credibility within 2 minutes
  • Adopt entrepreneurial & strategic mindset to drive sales to the next level
  • Learn 6 qualities of Leadership that inspire and drive performance in a team
The Entrepreneur Mindset
#1Rule of Entrepreneur
Cashflow Quadrant
Understanding Risk
Problem Cone
How to create new business opportunities anytime
Discover how to make millions using leverage
Generate immediate income through marketing and sales
Little Voice Management 
What is the “Little Voice”
“Little Voice” is public enemy #1 to Sales Performance
Little Voice Management Technique – Celebrate All Wins
Critical difference between Be-Do-Have and Have-Do-Be
Sell-Team-Teach Methodologies
6 Critical Elements of a successful Business / Team
Importance of Mission
Context and Content
Elements of Effective Morning Huddles
Introduction to Code of Honor
Driving performance by increasing Accountability
Sales Process and Objection Handling
Understand the simple and powerful 6-Step Sales Process
State Change (Mental, Emotional, Physical)
Elevator Pitch for Instant Credibility
Rapport Building
Being Interested versus Interesting
Objection handling Process
Relationships between Emotion and Intelligence
Goal Setting Process
Setting Sales Goals and Sales Goals Matrix
#1 Reason why people do not achieve their Goals
5 rules of Goal Setting
12-step process to increase determination and intention to achieve Goals
A 12-week income explosion plan to implement immediately
Time management by effective tracking systems
Achieving Accountability and Ownership by taking self-responsibility
Leaders and Champions
Understand the 6 qualities of Leadership
The Power Formula
Being At Cause versus Effect
The Results Formula: Champions Make Commitments to Themselves



  1. “I have learnt High Performance sales break through and it is really powerful tool which can apply to my current job! I also have learnt the most importasnt topic which is how to create energy and leader need clarity all the time. Power Woosh is Amazing!” Hooi Chee Seen, Bank Manager
  2. “I feel charged and have clearer picture of what I want to do to my sales team. I have learnt to handle my little voice and qualities of great leader. As well as important of "code of honors". I am happy that this course is beneficial and I have gained knowledge to improve my life. Thank you!!” Louise Lui, Bank Manager
  3. “I feel great to be able to participate in such a well-structured sales training program with lots of practical sales methodologies, living examples and sharing to take home. I feel energized and ready to change with full steam and energy ahead for my team and of course self-good. Cheers!” Chua Fui Ming, Branch Manager, Hong Leong Bank

  4. “Honestly, this AWESOME!! And I have learned a lot from it, especially the strategies involved and code of honor!! Will use this in my company and inspire our staff members =) very happy and definitely Satisfied!” Jazz Tan, Director, Penang Youth Development

  5.  “I feel it was my mistake to remain an employee. Should have ventured to do business 30 years ago! I learnt it is always the mindset that determines own path and destiny. I learnt not all top leaders are ruthless, in fact many are humanistic. I am happy so many of my young colleagues are learning from this course. Their future is certainly much better because they will learn to be better person, and therefore, a better leader and hence is a champion!” Lim Yue Lai, Vice President, EON Bank Berhad

  6.  “From knowing nothing about sales, within 4 months I exceeded all the targets I set for myself at Income Explosion, and I got 2 pay raises and 2 promotions offers within 7 months. An incredibly valuable course that completely changed my life. Thank you SalesPartners!" - Eddie Chen, Sales Manager, iProperty

  7.  "I couldn't believe I achieved my $1 million sales target in 2 months! I was a tour guide and never done sales in my life. I used to be often moody, late and bored with life. Sales Explosion made me realize the importance of goals and clarity, and selling could make life exciting. There's no more fear, just action. I broke all sales records in my company’s history. I feel successful, confident, full of energy and realize targets are achievable! Sales Explosion changed my life." - Apple Ching, Sales and Marketing Executive


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