Rise of The Champion

3.5 Day Training 

Program Overview

Sales is an Emotional Contact Sport! Those with the most tools to be emotionally fit and strong will ultimately win if all else is equal. 
Rise Of The Champion is a life-changing program that will empower people with critical skills and tools to build a better relationship with Self and Others. This transformational program is highly experiential and creates lasting change and impact on participants, giving an organisation that edge both on the job and off the job.
Rise Of The Champion is a highly intense and powerful program designed to effect behavioral change that will allow each person to expand to the next level of their effectiveness and capabilities. By the end of 3 days, participants will be able to tap into the source of their inner power and gain a Clarity that gives them the ability to turn on this power at will. Rise Of The Champion will be the cornerstone of a Championship Team!
Objectives and Benefits
  • Develop super tough Mental Strength to overcome negative thoughts
  • Break through self-sabotaging habits and resurrect the Champion inside
  • Increase your fitness in a fun and easy way
  • Gain the ability to switch on high energy at will
  • How to look good and confident and attract good people into your life
  • Deliver the personal development techniques that will allow them to be in better control of their own emotions, moods and results
  • Experience personal breakthroughs in the ability to overcome procrastination, excuses and lack of confidence
  • Learn the powerful PERT planning process to achieve any goal easily
  • Develop successful relationship skills that bond a team
  • Gain the mindset of a Champion
  • Break out from the comfort zone, be re-energized and ready to go for more
  • To change mindset from being passive to proactive
  • Transform meetings into something fun, interesting, lively and effective
  • Generate high energy and enthusiasm at will
  • Uncover the desire to change and be driven to find ways to improve
  • Develop Leadership, pride, responsibility, drive, creativity and passion 
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