Champion Negotiator

2 Day Training 

Program Overview
In today’s competitive global business climate, the ability to negotiate successfully is an essential key that makes a world of difference between success and failure. Negotiation happens at all levels in an organization and effective negotiation skills ultimately increase gains, prevent losses and drive the bottom line profits of any business.
Effective negotiation Strategy is a rigorous and intense 2-day program where participants will gain the keys of communication and understand what drives and influences people on a subconscious level. Participants will learn the do’s and don’ts and the #q rule that impacts successful negotiations The program is specifically designed to significantly increase participants’ confidence and ability to negotiate at anytime, anyplace and gain the greatest benefit while creating quality long-term relationships that create highest profits for the organization.
By the end of the course, participants will know how to recognize and adapt to people with different personalities, communication styles and needs. Throughout highly interactive and dynamic Accelerated Learning training methodology, participants will walk away knowing how to apply effective negotiation strategies immediately and positively influence all business interactions. 
Objectives and Benefits
  • Learn the #1 Principle of Negotiation
  • Be able to leverage on environment to increase Negotiation Success
  • How to strategically position oneself to positively influence the subconscious
  • Gain the ability to build instant rapport with clients
  • Learn 21 Powerful Negotiation Techniques to influence and maximize any situation
  • Create Powerful First Impressions
  • Gain instant trust and credibility within 2 minutes
  • Understand different personalities and how to adapt to different people
  • Increase Gains and Success with the 10 most influential words  
  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts in any negotiation situation
  • Use the Law of Influence and Persuasion to gain control of the outcome
  • Identify powerful Language Patterns in Clients 

Introduction to Communications and Negotiation
 The Importance of Communication
 The #1 Principle of Negotiation
 The Results of Bad Communication = Confusion, High Turnover, Low Workplace Morale
• The Results of Good Communication = Clarity, High Profits, Lower Costs, High Morale  

Effective Communication Strategies
 VAK = Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic  
 Mirroring, Pacing & Magic Word
 How To Build Rapport
 The Platinum Rule
• Identify different communication styles to connect with Team and Clients  

Dynamic Communications in an Organisation
 Using Concrete Language
• The essence of Communication
 Gaining cooperation through Yes Set questions
  Intention and In-10-tion
 Touching People’s Hearts
 Communication Mindset of a Leader  

Negotiations for Success
  21 Powerful Negotiation Techniques to create Win-Win scenarios everytime
• The Art of Selling Problems First
• Eye Contact Zones for Communicating with Impact
 Subconscious elements of influencing negotiation
 Using the environment to create a positive negotiation setting
 The 10 most influential words
 Do’s and Don’ts of negotiating
 The Law of Influence and Persuasion
 Strategic positioning to positively influence the subconscious



  1. “It gave me to become a champion business presenter and enrich my knowledge especially the 21 steps of negotiation. This is the best training that I have ever attended. Great Job!” Wong Ai Ting, Branch Manager, Hong Leong Bank
  2. “I certainly feel great that I am being able to be a participant in this powerful and energizing training. It is practical and useful in my work, so as using it in my daily life… I have learnt the spirit, knowledge and energy from the trainers. They are very professional and they are AMAZING! I am happy that on top of the reinforcement of my knowledge and it's added a lot of practical knowledge out of this course! Amazing!” Chua Fui Ming
  3.  “I learnt how to present effectively to attract the attention of the people I talk to by added gesture. Speak with volume and intonation. I also feel that I have benefited a lot from the 21 secret of negotiation that allow me to negotiate to close a case/sales. Also the platinum rule also allows me to communicate and understand my prospective customer better. I also like the story telling exercise that allows me to understand and show my potential that I was actually able to tell a story.” Kok Sze Chye, Bank Manager

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